i truly genuinely feel sorry for all the people who try to talk to me and get disappointed and upset because i probably sound like i don’t want to talk to them when i actually just don’t know what to say I’M SORRY


*aggressively stabs at each individual letter when retyping password*

My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.

to be completely honest one of the main reasons i like instrumental music so much is because it makes me feel like i’m in a story or movie. like hell yeah. i am the protagonist here. i am on an adventure. even though i’m actually just walking down the hall with my headphones. i am on a quest. i will get shit done

Life in District 12 isn’t really so different to life in the arena. At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead. The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.


why does anyone even care about other people doing things that have no negative outcome? like let girls take selfies with starbucks!! let straight dudes wear weird clothes!! let gay people be as feminine or as masculine as they want!! the next time you find yourself getting annoyed at someone, ask yourself “is this disrespectful? is this harmful to me or anyone else?” if the answer is no, then let it go - you probably have bigger things to worry about anyways


cardio? more like cardino


wtf is homecoming?? who is coming home??? where have they been??? did they bring souvenirs??